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Thread: Was this verse ment for Eazy? (Strictly For My Grind by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)

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    Default Was this verse ment for Eazy? (Strictly For My Grind by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)

    A rumour has been for many years that the first verse on the track by Bizzy Bone was written for Eazy. Space Hogg Da Boss (who does the hook) released this track on his album 2002. I believe he wasn't on the original, which must've had the beat used for No Shorts, No Losses on E. 1999 Eternal, since you can hear that leaking through the headphones during the intro. The track has 5 verses; Bizzy, Flesh, Bizzy, Krayzie & Layzie. The reasons why people believe it was written for Eazy:

    Bizzy did the verse with a flow sounding like Eazys rather than his own, compare it to his second verse which sounds much more like his usual flow. Eazy often used ghostwriters too! Bizzy was also the only one with 2 verses on the track.

    The verse included Snoop and Dogg Pound disses: "Loose, sipping on Gin, fuck juice, 100% proof" and "No mutts allowed"

    He also says "Don't you fucks wit me, Eazy-E on the gank move"

    What do you think, was this verse written for E?

    Either way he probably never recorded it, since no members of Bone has ever mentioned more collabs than Foe Tha Love of $, Sleepwalkers & Mr. Bill Collector. Just dreaming, it sure would've been dope to have a single with Eazy doing the verse on both this remix beat and the original "No Shorts, No Losses" beat. Throw the full "Sleepwalkers" as well as "Mr. Bill Collector" on there and it would be one crazy EP

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    well he literally calls himself eazy e in that first verse if I heard that correctly

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