BEVERLY HILLS, CA – Jerry Heller, the former manager of N.W.A, recently commented on the handcuffing of Dr. Dre outside the rapper-producer’s home in Malibu, California earlier this week.

After a motorcyclist cussed out Dre outside his home, Dre reportedly pulled out his phone to record the incident. The motorcyclist later claimed it was a gun. When the police turned up, they handcuffed Dr. Dre and searched him.

Offering his response to the incident, Jerry Heller says it appears to be a racial issue.

“As you know, professionally I’m a big Dr. Dre fan. Personally I’m not such a big Dr. Dre fan but I think this was all bullshit,” the former record exec said to TMZ. “I wasn’t there but it just sounds like all bullshit to me. What did he do? He was trying to leave his house [and] the guy had his driveway blocked. You would have done the same thing.

“Without knowing all the facts it seems to me it was a racial issue,” Jerry Heller later added.


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I reckon after Trump Dr Dre should run for president tbh