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  1. The Nature-Friendliest High End Resort in Danang for your Vietnam Honeymoon

    Various popular travel magazines and media have brought the name Danang to the rest of the world with tons of valuable traveling information and tips. Hence, today we will save our words by promoting...
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    The Best Trips In Vietnam

    I set myself challenging on a recent trip to Vietnam: go as far north as physically doable. This has taken me to Ha Giang province – pronounced Ha Giang – and that is gravely remote. Opened on a...
  3. [Just for fun] The day my teacher stole my headphones

    Just for fun

    During the sophomore season of mine of high school, we had been doing silent work and my history professor mentioned that we might pay attention to music but if it was too noisy he'd...
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    I swear to God he levitated

    I have a friend who I've widely known since I was quite small. 1 day, when he was 6, I was at the home of his when he got green living absolutely god-awful tummy pain. I mean, he was literally...
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    We don’t have a fucking doorbell

    So a couple of years I moved out of state with a boyfriend. Was super excited about it but with reason had anxiety about simply being so much from family and friends. One of the reasons my anxiety...
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