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  1. old ass reply but i thought i let you know
  2. Check your email... I'm sending you something.
  3. HOLY SHIT.... Whre did you get that? DiscOG's? Damn... Please let me see the pictures when you get it. I bet it will go for $300 Easy!!!!
  4. That a fair price, one sold brand new factory sealed for over $300 a while back.

    Speaking of rare Eazy-E CD's, recently purchased this one again.
    Last time i sold the single Disc for $75 in auction, who knows what this ones worth with back inlay.

  5. I got it for $140.

    Hope you got it for cheap cause this fool was asking over $300+ for it
  7. Not quite.... i only drop by when i feel like it

    Have a merry muthafuckin xmas
  8. The king has returned.
  9. LOL.... You had me rolling with that one. Thanks, I needed it. I know. I still think in my mind that i'm a teenager. I only realize i'm 34 is when I drink and get a hangover from HELL. Exercise at all. Sitting out in the heat, I sweat like a whore. Doing anything besides sitting and eatching tv or playing music. LOL. Dude, for real, i'm still dying at your post. That was funny. I'm sure in 10 years we will still be on here with these kids talking about Ruthless and Eazy-E.
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