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  1. U still puffing on them blunts or what?
  2. & yeah I don't mess with no forums anymore.
  3. Damn I was 16 when we started talking on BGKO forum now 22 time flies.
    Working, doing shitty jobs, chillin getting high and all types of ill shit lol, Gota go back to college learn something useful lol
    and yeah I see Tray Deee making moves
  4. Making money and trying to better myself.
    I don't fuck with forums or social media, is a waste of time. Normally i come here when i feel like it that's just about it..How bout you?

    BTW, Tray Dee came out the pen, he's everywhere. Eastsidaz are back together, can't wait to hear what they have in store.
  5. where you been all this time ?
  6. Sites pretty much dead after them kids took over
    It when downhill after that....

    Might i have a stash of old BGKO tracks somewhere stored in one of my external drives.
  7. Ghype you still breathing ese lol?
    Whats good with you? Yo you got the unreleased Eastsidaz & BG Knocc Out mixtapes? I use to have them all
    but now can't find them anywhere on the net no mo. Stay up BIG HOMIE.
  8. LMAO at odeons comment.
  9. Check this cause im on it lol
  10. Whats good wit that nigga ghype ?
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