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  1. Subbed and Added, cool homie
  2. yes this is my youtube account:
  3. That's cool broo, thankz and no problem... Okay man, And U Have a youtube account or somethin? Good to know homie
  4. i made 2 more mixes for 2pac tracks but i haven't posted them yet....ill let u know when i post em thanks for the compliment homie
  5. Thankz bro, Yeah 4 sure and All good bro, you have plains or another mixes coming out? You got skills too man
  6. i been good and u homie, keep them remixes coming
  7. How ya been homie Ridah?
  8. Thankz thankz... just doin my thang big homie
  9. yea i heard a few of your mixes, very dope keep it up
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