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  1. No no read my comment, search regedit in windows search bar, registry edit should show up. Locate k9aad etc.
  2. I'm using Mixcraft 4...there are only 4 folders in it, one is ''Mixrez'', the second is ''Example Projects'', the third ''VST'' and the 4th ''InstPresets''. I don't see it bro
  3. Open registry edit, locate the k9aad files, they're in one of the 5 main sub folders I think the folder is called "current user key", delete them, and you're good to go, trail will reset.
  4. Yo Odeon, can you please tell me how you bypass the trial of Mixcraft? Because I run out of the trial and I have problem..what do you do exactly?
  5. Ah, so will you upload the video with pictures to your channel and, with an annotation over it to my channel right?
  6. lol I havent made a music video since like 2014 tbh, I was considering doing it but I forgot how much work it was and im not gonna put in all that work lol. I made some artwork in the style of my channel and ill prolly use that instead, this is the pic im gonna use I think, if you wanna use it.

    ill prolly gonna post it like tomorrow with a big ass annotation over it to your channel
  7. Oh, do you wanna? Just tag our names like, one to the left and the other one to the right, you kno
  8. if its gonna be pictures Id rather just make a picture in the style of the recent videos of my channel instead
  9. I was thinking, a video with pictures will be less painful that a video with music clips haha, I can do it
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