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  1. hey fam can you set me up a new mafiastorage account?
    the djupncomin won't log me in & when i've tried to sign up before i never get a registation e-mail.

    I'll reupload all my acapellas on there since I'm getting 500+ views on my links monthly and it keeps growing so I'm sure it will be good for you too.
  2. yeah lol
  3. REUP if you get a chance!! Your inbox gets bombarded with requests also? Half the time with fuckers with just 1 post too..
  4. yeah all the time you wouldn't believe it.
    i could re-up the studios but the diys are another story
  5. Damn you dont have em any more? no pun intended. Anyone else been asking you about your eminem pella collection lol?
  6. i dont have it anymore but i could try to get it back. whats in it for me? lol
  7. Heya buddy. Any chance you can send me your eminem acapella collection. I need a few to trade for something else.
  8. no links are hidden. thought i would just alert you on that.
  9. Once the name gets changed I'll be posting rare cd singles i have and shit here to help u promote the site
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