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  1. More power to ya,
    I don't drink heavily any more.
    Man, you should have seen me back in the day, i use to drink almost every single day.
  2. All good bro. Its cool to see you around Hype. You know me I stay drunk / getting cash ... "Drinking liquor made the money come quicker" - pac.
  3. Let's just say i'd been through a lot of ups and downs.
    Been doing good so far, how bout you?
  4. Ghype how are you bro? Everything cool your end?
  5. Ghype haven't seen you for ages man? Hope all is well?
  6. Thanks for the cd's homie
  7. Hey gee, check your private messages?

    Kids this days SMH lol
  8. Check your PM
  9. LOL I'm a show you what a real collection looks like
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